Myles Woloshyn


With a passion for creating a company that would evolve with the industry, and bring
solutions that met its ever-changing needs, Myles founded Turbo Drill Industries in 2007 to bring revolutionary technologies to the downhole drilling industry.

Turbo Drill focuses on the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and services of downhole drilling tools that carry strength, reliability, and the ability to drive data-driven decisions.

Myles has over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to founding
Turbo Drill, he held several leadership positions at National Oilwell Varco and Wenzel Downhole Tools and other service companies. Myles has extensive experience in both international and domestic oil and gas markets.

Sheldon Ritchie


Sheldon has over 20 years in the oil and gas industry and has specialized in the manufacturing, research, and development of drilling tools and products since 1995. He joined Turbo Drill Industries in 2008, and before that, Sheldon worked for API Valve & BOP Services, KW Downhole Tools, and Wenzel Downhole Tools all based out of Edmonton Alberta.

In 2000 Sheldon received a Canadian Red Seal Machinist diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Chad Feddema


Chad has been in the oil and gas industry for 23 years and has worked in several engineering and operations management roles. Chad has been with the company for ten years and was previously in the role of President of Innovation. In his current position, he focuses on innovation and technology issues to ensure that Turbo Drill continues to deliver cutting-edge directional drilling solutions.

Chad holds a Mechanical Engineering Technologist degree from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Andy Bruce


Andy’s career in finance and accounting has spanned over 30 years with the majority of that being in the oil and gas industry. Through his leadership style, he has built strong teams, has been involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions and has become a proven and skilled negotiator.

Before joining Turbo Drill, Andy was the Director of Finance at Nabors Drilling Solutions and Ryan Directional Services. Prior to that he held the positions of CFO and VP of Finance with Balmoral Group, Trelleborg and Navigate Energy Services.

Andy holds an M.A in Economics from the University of Aberdeen. He was born and raised in Scotland and became a US citizen in 2013.

Bentley Halbauer

President of Manufacturing

Bentley has been in the Oil and Gas Industry for more than 40 years, with most of his experience being in downhole tools and oilfield manufacturing. He has managed large
teams throughout his business career in the Production and Operations space and through Executive Management.

Bentley’s passion is around innovation and quality. He enables this within his teams through collaboration and openness to ideas that make his team stronger. His demonstrated leadership continues to prove successful here at Turbo Drill industries.

Bentley graduated as a Red Seal Machinist in 1984 from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and then earned his Programmer, Computer Numerical Control certificate
in 1995 from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He then went on to earn his Certified Manufacturing Designation in 1997 from The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and then earned his Citation in Business Development and Management in 2000 from the
University of Alberta.

Norman Prokopchuk


Norman Prokopchuk founded Canamera Coring in 2013 which operates in Canada and the United States. With his team of top experts in the coring industry and the development of innovative intellectual property, Canamera is now the number one coring service provider in North America.

Norm has over 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. Prior to founding Canamera, he founded Corion Diamond Products which he later sold in 2005. However, he remained with the company as Global Manager until 2013. Before founding Corion, Norm also worked for Baker Hughes in various global management positions for all product lines, to include Coring.

Steve Jones


Steve Jones is the President and CEO of Sanvean Technologies. He is focused on leading the Sanvean engineering team to develop and commercialize next-generation measurement, control system and data science technology for the oil and gas directional drilling sector.

Steve is a detailed and performance-driven individual with 25 years of experience in directional drilling, rotary steerable, research and development, and product management. Throughout his career, he has worked for Halliburton, Pathfinder Energy Services and Schlumberger in both domestic and international locations.

Steve has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Mechanical and Offshore Engineering from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has published over 20 technical papers on drilling technology and has over 20 patents and pending patents worldwide.