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Turbo Drill Motors 

Turbo Drill's focus on downhole innovations to overcome new and existing drilling obstacles has significantly improved drilling efficiency for our clients over the last decade. Since 2010, when Turbo Drill began manufacturing drilling motors, we have established a sound reputation in North American shale drilling for strength and reliability.

With an in-house engineering staff, we began designing and manufacturing positive displacement motors (PDM) that would distinguish themselves with unprecedented features in the industry. The goal was to improve upon what was already available by producing motors that could drill faster and longer - minimizing downtime due to motor failures.

While in the design stage, our engineering staff looked at the problems that plagued the directional drilling industry and engineered our motors to overcome the predominant challenges faced when it comes to drilling motors. For example, Turbo Drill Industries is the only manufacturing company in the industry to patent and successfully commercialize diamond drilling motors.

Turbo Drill Motors are built with some of the highest weight-on-bit and torque capacities in the industry. Our short bit-to-bend lengths achieve higher build rates with less bend angle on the motor, giving you a better gauge hole with less wear on internal and external components. Our tile carbide radial bearings last, on average, ten times longer than the industry standard. Our patent-pending tie rod assembly reduces downhole failures by mitigating damages caused by stick-slip, compensates for reverse rotation, and produces less wear at the drive surfaces, thereby increasing run distances.

Turbo Drill motors are designed for use with PDC bits and high-torque and high-horsepower power sections. Additionally, TDI motors perform exceptionally well when paired with traditional bits and power sections.

Turbo Drill's unique design gives our customers a substantial Cost of Ownership benefit compared to the competitors.

  • OEM compatibility for all configurations
  • Reduced inventory equates to lower cost
  • Serialized component tracking and accountability


  • The interchangeable bottom-end platform allows for less inventory
  • Optimized short bit-to-bend 
  • High torque drive lines, single or double-articulated
  • Mandrel catch on bearing packs are included in all Turbo Drill Motors
  • Premium tungsten carbide tile radial bearings and flow restrictors
  • Designed for use with both traditional and PDC bits and high-torque/high-horsepower sections
  • Patent-pending tie-rod assembly designed to reduce wear at the drive surface and compensate for reverse rotation


  • Able to perform on extended runs
  • Short bit-to-bend length produces better gauge holes and reduces wear and tear on internal and external motor components and the periphery of drill bits
  • Our radial bearings last, on average, ten times longer than industry standards
  • Turbo Drill motors have some of the highest weight-on-bit and torque-on-bit capacities in the industry

Turbo Drill's motor line can be customized for use with any power section manufacturer. 

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Diamond Mud Lube Specifications

Oil Sealed Specifications

Ball & Race Mud Lube Specifications


We can customize component parts for your specific mud motor.

HTK - High Torque Keys

Articulated Univeral Joint With Backlash Mitigation

When PDM motors are run with PDC bits, stick-slip is a common dysfunction encountered while drilling that exerts excessive stresses and loads across the lower end of the drilling motor. Most motors in the industry consist of universal joints that are designed to drive clockwise while rotating. However, with the nature of stick-slip, the universal joint is often subjected to cyclical backlash
(reverse rotation) at high frequency.

When backlash occurs, the universal joint disengages from the respective driving faces, resulting in extreme shock loading to the drive surfaces as they come back into contact with each other at a high angular velocity. These high impact and high cyclical loads can lead to premature wear, and sometimes catastrophic failure to certain motor components.

All Scout Downhole motors from Turbo Drill Industries incorporate HTK, a patented secondary
set of drive keys for the sole purpose of mitigating reverse rotation in the universal joint, thereby eliminating potential catastrophic damage to motor lower ends. This patented technology has proven to dramatically increase reliability and extend the life of the drilling motor. The self-aligning keys maintain minimal backlash throughout all motor bend configurations.


  • Substantially reduces shock loading on the shaft and housing
  • Reduces wear to drive surfaces by eliminating radial movement between the shaft and housing
  • Reduction in temperature at CV joint due to a reduction in radial accelerations
  • Smoother articulation due to constant loads to the drive surface

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​Turbo Drill Radial Bearings

Turbo Drill Industries offers proprietary Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearings that result in lower operating cost per hour and reduced downhole failures. These radial bearings are made with carbide tile and matrix design ensuring extended life, high heat conductivity eliminating thermal cracking with inner and outer components that can be reconditioned.

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Turbo Drill Fixed Bend Housing

Turbo Drill Industries Fixed Bend Housing Assembly is manufactured using the most technically advanced steel, resulting in the highest yield strength possible. The assembly incorporates a large I.D. bore that accommodates the revolutionary Turbo Drill Tie-Rod Assembly. The fixed bend housing incorporates a replaceable Wear Pad that is highly resistant to wear from abrasive formations.

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Turbo Drill Adjustable Assembly

Turbo Drill Industries Adjustable Assembly’s advanced design requires that each component is integral (machined from one piece of material) to avoid welding procedures as used in the competition's manufacturing process. This Assembly is manufactured using the most technically advanced steel, resulting in the highest yield strength possible and incorporates a large I.D. bore that accommodates the revolutionary Turbo Drill Tie-Rod Assembly. The Adjusting Ring has been designed to extend pad life and minimizes external wear to the motor.

The Assembly is situated between the stator and bearing assembly and can be custom manufactured to house various articulated drive-shaft assemblies.

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